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Elite Iron Sports Performance

“The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important”

— Bobby Knight


Goal: The goal of EIS is to provide one of the premier locations in the country to train for the sports of powerlifting and olympic weightlifting. The program is run by James Townsend.

Townsend has been active in the sport for almost 20 years and has a been a national team coach with the USAPL for over 10 years. Townsend has recently been named the head coach of the USAPL Men’s and Women’s Open Powerlifting National Team. EIS is frequently visited by many of the best national and local lifters in Georgia and across the country.

Methodology: EIS is committed to a high volume, high frequency, undulating periodization style of training that has produced numerous champions.

Equipment: EIS is committed to provide the highest level training environment possible. EIS has competition quality platforms, Eleiko bars, Eleiko and Ivanko kilogram plates, and IPF style racks and benches, deadlift jacks, and knee wrap rollers. Chalk and baby powder are always welcome!





James Townsend

James Townsend began his career in the strength and conditioning industry over 15 years ago. His personal athletic career started in powerlifting where he performed at the collegiate and international level. James graduated from Louisiana Tech and began his career as a strength and conditioning football coach at the University of Virginia. From there, James was an assistant strength-and-conditioning football coach at Mississippi State University and finally he was the head strength and conditioning football coach at Marshall University.

In 2011, James moved to Georgia and started a new career with GATA Sports Performance where he was able to bring his many years of experience to the company and learn more about the private sector of sports training. James continued to grow himself personally over the last 8 years.

He has coached the men and women's Open USA Powerlifting Team and secured two gold medals for the women's team. He also led many athletes to win individual medals. James was also nationally recognized and awarded the Billy Jack Talton Coach of the Year award in 2017 by the USA powerlifting organization.

At Elite iron the mission is to inspire motivate and encourage our athletes to be their best both inside and outside of the gym. We believe it is less about the physical capabilities and more about the commitment. Our focus is on the fight, the struggles, the highs and the lows, the devotion, and the family. Don't miss out on this opportunity to train with one of the best in the nation right here in your own backyard.

Training Services



  • Powerlifting and olypmic lifting

  • Online powerlifting and weightlifting programming

  • Competition day coaching

  • Group or individual sports performance strength and conditioning

  • Adult personal training

  • Speed and agility

  • Combine prep



  • Competition quality platforms

  • Eleiko bars

  • Eleiko and Ivanko kilogram plates

  • IPF style racks and benches

  • Deadlift jacks

  • Knee wrap rollers

  • Duffalo Bar

  • Rogue boards

  • Medicine balls

  • Dumbells 10-100lbs

  • Rogue “Kettle Gryp.”